Who is eligible to participate?

  • Approved Early Intervention Program (EIP) service coordinators are required to complete this course prior to rendering service coordination services to children and families in the EIP.
    Others, who are not required to complete this course to work in the EIP or who do not work in the EIP, but can participate as appropriate, include:

  • Qualified personnel as specified in Early Intervention Program (EIP) regulations (Section 69-4.1), who are approved evaluators and/or service providers in the EIP;

  • Municipal representatives responsible for local implementation and oversight of the EIP;

  • Parents of children participating in the EIP;

  • Professionals who are mandated referral sources as specified in Early Intervention Program regulations (Section 69-4.3);

  • Undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of early childhood education, special education, or other related areas of study;

  • Providers of daycare for children between Birth and 3 years of age.

Can parents participate?

Yes. Parents are invited to enroll and attend training sessions! Please help us to get the word out to parents about the opportunity to participate in these training sessions. Confidentiality provisions make it difficult for us to reach parents directly and we rely on service coordinators, providers and counties to provide this information to parents. You can assist us by passing the enrollment information along to families, or by making them aware of our phone number, e-mail and/or website address.

Training Options






What are my options for training?

Training will be delivered in two formats, online self-paced courses and online live courses.  Online self-paced courses are recorded training modules that you can access at any time, and complete as your schedule permits.  Online live courses are held in real time, with a facilitator and a group of learners who have pre-registered. The NYSEIPOPDC online courses are currently unavailable.  More information will be shared via the NYS Department of Health Bureau of Early Intervention listserv as it becomes available.

How to Enroll

How do I enroll?

The NYSEIPOPDC online courses are currently unavailable.  More information will be shared via the NYS Department of Health Bureau of Early Intervention listserv as it becomes available.

How to Resume Learning

If I log out of a course before completing it, how do I continue working on the course at a later time? 

You can exit out of the self-paced course at any time and your progress will automatically be saved. 

WizIQ Technical Requirements

What are the WizIQ technical requirements?

Computer/laptop:  Courses on the WizIQ platform may be accessed by using the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox internet browsers.  These are the only Internet browsers that are compatible with WizIQ.  Additionally, users must have an Internet connection speed of at least 1 MBPS. 


Smartphones/tablets:  Courses on the WizIQ platform may also be accessed using a smartphone or tablet (again via Internet browsers Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).  Those with Android smartphones have the option of downloading a WizIQ app, but this is optional.  At this time, WizIQ does not have an app for the iPhone.

Certificate of Completion

How do I obtain a Certificate of Completion for a Course?

In order to obtain a Certificate of Completion you must do the following:

  • Successfully complete all modules in the course

  • Provide meaningful feedback on the training content, organization, and effectiveness by completing a post-course evaluation survey.  A link to the survey will be emailed to you once you complete all the modules in the course. 

  • Certificates of Completion will be issued by the New York State Early Intervention Program Online Professional Development Center on behalf of the Bureau of Early Intervention, and will be emailed to you.

  • You must keep a copy of the Certificate of Completion in your files and, if you are an employee/contractor to an agency, you must also provide a copy of the certificate to your employer.

  • Participants who have successfully completed a course can continue to review the course material/resources for all courses that they have completed on WIZIQ; however, NYSEIPOPDC will not issue a second course completion certificate if the participant chooses to take the course over for a second time in its entirety. Additionally, the course will only be counted once towards the required professional development hours, as outlined in the New York State Department of Health Bureau of Early Intervention Provider Agreement.


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